Coordinator Responsibilities

Each union, conference, church, school, university and health care organization needs to have an Adventists InStep for Life coordinator, whether or not you have formed a team. This individual will also be the contact person who will receive ongoing information and email updates about the Adventists InStep for Life initiative. Each site can only have one coordinator.

The role of the Adventists InStep for Life Coordinator is to:

  • Be familiar with the various components of the Adventists InStep for Life initiative and assist others in understanding the concepts, as necessary..
  • Coordinate the team in carrying out their responsibilities and planning appropriate action steps for your organization.
  • Register your site online
  • Register participants who do not have online access
  • Order promotional materials
  • Promote the Adventists InStep for Life initiative in your organization. It’s important to keep this before them on a regular basis through announcements, posters, PowerPoint presentations, newsletters, etc.
  • Submit monthly reporting
  • Access summary reports
  • Recognize participants for their physical activity achievements
  • Send in stories and pictures of your organization’s participation.

Register as a Site Coordinator – First, register for an InStep account. After you’ve registered, you will have the option to become the coordinator for your organization.

Coordinator Resources