Trauma And the Sanctuary

Creating an Environment of Support for Traumatized Individuals in Faith Based Organizations

Trauma is an epidemic in the world today. New research continues to testify of the dramatic effects of trauma upon the brain and body. This presentation will provide further understanding into the effects of trauma while presenting skills to address its far-reaching impact that go beyond just suggesting counseling. The Andrews University Trauma Education Team will highlight intersections between faith and science, understanding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and relevant approaches for working within faith-based organizations.

Meet Our Presenters

Ingrid Weiss Slikkers 

Ingrid Weiss Slikkers started teaching at the Andrews School of Social Work in 2016 but has been practicing clinical social work since the early-1990’s.  She comes from an Argentinean pastoral family living in various places.  She worked as an out-patient child and family therapist for many years specializing in the treatment of trauma.  She is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and part of the International Association of Trauma Professionals.  Ingrid has significant experience doing therapy within multi-cultural groups and has worked with refugees for the last 8 years.  Most recently, she has been involved with leadership and development of the new International Center for Trauma Education and Care at Andrews University.

Andrews University Trauma Education Team

Jasmine Johnson, Erick Pena and Sarah Riedel, students at Andrews and interns at the Trauma Education Center, accompany Ingrid today as part of the growing team of professionals committed to sharing trauma awareness in our church and communities with the powerful message of restoration and healing.


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