Alzheimer’s Disease

Dispelling the Myths

In this presentation we will focus on:

  • The historical perspective of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) in minority populations.  Myths versus Truth!
  • The disproportionately higher incidence of AD in the African American population and “why.”
  • Is it simple forgetfulness or cognitive impairment? What’s the difference?
  • What’s happening with the brain as neurons suffer with buildup of plaque?
  • Understanding and responding to Dementia related behaviors:  helpful tips for caregivers.
  • After the diagnosis then what? A legal perspective, through the journey.
  • The role of the nurse, community, and church from a social perspective.

Meet Our Presenter

Dr. Edna Rose, PhD, MSW, RN-BC

Dr. Rose is the Minority Recruitment Specialist at the Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Center. Dr. Rose specializes in educating minority communities about the risk factors associated with dementia and the benefits of participating in research. Dr. Rose’s role is critical in the pursuit of an effective treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Rose is also a lecturer at the Eastern Michigan University School of Nursing. Dr. Rose is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. She received her Masters of Social Work and Doctorate degree in Social Work Planning & Administration from Clark Atlanta University, and her Bachelor of Nursing degree from Kennesaw University. Dr. Rose moved to Michigan in 2008 where she joined the Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Center.

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