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Church Safety and the Nurse


Church Safety and the Nurse Understanding the protocol response to active threats and the FCN role in prevention and response Learning Objectives Some of the major causes that lead to threats on faith based properties are issues that fall under the ‘ministry umbrella’ of the Faith Based Community Nurse. (Mental illness, persistent health issues, emotional problems, domestic struggles…) In an emergency where there is a threat to the members of the church, the Faith Community Nurse can serve as a first responder to help those who are less mobile to be able to [...]

Church Safety and the Nurse2024-02-14T20:09:41-05:00

Hospice vs Palliative Care


Hospice vs Palliative Care in 2022 Learning Objectives Identify the difference between Hospice and Palliative Care Identify 3 Medicare Hospice Eligibility Criteria. Identify services covered by Hospice under the Medicare benefit. Discuss barriers to electing Hospice Benefit in the Christian community. Meet Our Presenter Gwendolynn Ware Harrell Explore More Visit the AAFCN Education page for more informative and practical webinars. Email Newsletter Sponsored by

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Protecting our Greatest Assets


Protecting our Greatest Assets COVID-19 and Children's Health Learning Objectives Understand the impact of COVID 19 and the variants on children’s health and how to protect our greatest assets COVID-19 Vaccines in Children and Adolescents – what are the options Understand the impact of COVID-19 and how it affects our children’s education and mental health Identify the impact of COVID-19 on children with regards to: Abuse and neglect, food insecurity Define ways to safely transition back to school Meet Our Presenter Dr. Janet Johnson, Pediatrician Dr. Janet V. Johnson received [...]

Protecting our Greatest Assets2021-10-10T13:45:29-04:00

Alzheimer’s Disease


Alzheimer’s Disease Dispelling the Myths In this presentation we will focus on: The historical perspective of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) in minority populations.  Myths versus Truth! The disproportionately higher incidence of AD in the African American population and “why.” Is it simple forgetfulness or cognitive impairment? What’s the difference? What’s happening with the brain as neurons suffer with buildup of plaque? Understanding and responding to Dementia related behaviors:  helpful tips for caregivers. After the diagnosis then what? A legal perspective, through the journey. The role of the nurse, community, and church from a social perspective. [...]

Alzheimer’s Disease2022-04-19T08:12:03-04:00

What’s Wrong With You


Moving from “What is Wrong with You?” to “What Happened to You?” Creating an Environment of Support for Traumatized Individuals in Faith Based Organizations In every community and population, there is trauma. It is an epidemic in the world today. New research is coming out every year testifying to the dramatic effects of trauma upon the brain and body. In order for nurses to provide adequate care in any given field, trauma-informed practice is a necessity. This means having an understanding of how trauma affects the individual, both in the present and long after [...]

What’s Wrong With You2022-04-19T17:10:30-04:00

Can We Talk?


Can We Talk? Many of us believe that the local church is an ideal environment in which to receive education and support on the important topic of advanced planning. Perhaps you have seen or even experienced families struggle as they have entered into conversations with medical professionals and have been presented with tough choices as loved ones face serious and life-limiting illnesses. Faith Community Nurses can be a source of support and education no matter where families are in this spectrum. Due to copyright regulations, this webinar was not recorded. Meet Our Presenter [...]

Can We Talk?2022-04-19T17:12:44-04:00

America’s Opioid Addiction Crisis


America's Opioid Addiction Crisis Learning Objectives To provide information on the current trends and prevalence of opioid use and abuse To be able to recognize the signs & symptoms of addiction and opioid abuse To know practical steps to take to address opioid addiction To understand the role of healthy spirituality in addiction recovery Meet Our Presenter Daniel Binus, MD Dr. Binus believes in whole-person care. His goal is to understand and address the emotional, physical, and spiritual factors that influence each patient’s well being. Dr. Binus serves as clinical [...]

America’s Opioid Addiction Crisis2022-04-19T17:13:04-04:00

Bereavement Support


Bereavement Support When Trauma Complicates Grief With the growing prevalence of natural disasters, school shootings, and other traumatic losses, this webinar addresses how a Faith Community Nurse may offer appropriate bereavement support with affected members of her congregation or community. The participant will learn how to differentiate between normal grief and complicated grief, identify types of traumatic events and personal history precursors that may complicate grief, recognize “red flags” in grief manifestations indicating the need for a referral to a professional counselor, and describe appropriate grief support interventions with follow-up strategies that a [...]

Bereavement Support2022-04-19T17:13:20-04:00

FCN Scope & Standards of Practice


Faith Community Nursing Scope & Standards of Practice 2017 Updates and Practice Trends This webinar will identify current and emerging trends influencing faith community nursing practice. It will highlight changes incorporated into 2017 issue of the Scope and Standards of Practice: Faith Community Nursing, 3rd Edition. Discussion will also focus on the key role of HMA in advancing this nursing specialty through its partnerships with ANA and ANCC. Note: Due to copyright restrictions, the recording of this webinar is not available. Meet Our Presenter Alyson J. Breisch, MSN, RN-BC Alyson Breisch [...]

FCN Scope & Standards of Practice2021-09-16T21:02:51-04:00

Stewardship Through Risk Management


Stewardship Through Risk Management We often think of risk management as simply insurance. However, risk management encompasses far more than insurance and understanding this will have a positive impact on your health ministry. In this webinar, we will look at the Seventh-day Adventist Church corporate structure to understand the importance of health ministries and explore practical solutions for health ministry’s leadership in the area of risk management. Meet Our Presenter Tim Northrop Tim Northrop is President/CEO for Adventist Risk Management, Inc., (ARM), and its affiliated companies, Gencon Insurance Company [...]

Stewardship Through Risk Management2021-09-16T21:06:57-04:00
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