Church Safety and the Nurse

Understanding the protocol response to active threats and the FCN role in prevention and response

Learning Objectives

Some of the major causes that lead to threats on faith based properties are issues that fall under the ‘ministry umbrella’ of the Faith Based Community Nurse. (Mental illness, persistent health issues, emotional problems, domestic struggles…) In an emergency where there is a threat to the members of the church, the Faith Community Nurse can serve as a first responder to help those who are less mobile to be able to follow the safety protocols set in place. Serving and caring for those around us is part of the DNA of the Faith Community Nurse.

This presentation will include an introduction to the protocols set in place to protect the lives of the attendees should an active shooter incident take place. It will also highlight the ways in which a Faith Community Nurse can assist, possibly even prevent an incident from taking place by being observant to the signs that a person has become a danger to themselves or others.

Meet Our Presenter

Pastor Miguel Crespo
President, New York Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

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