Bereavement Support

When Trauma Complicates Grief

With the growing prevalence of natural disasters, school shootings, and other traumatic losses, this webinar addresses how a Faith Community Nurse may offer appropriate bereavement support with affected members of her congregation or community. The participant will learn how to differentiate between normal grief and complicated grief, identify types of traumatic events and personal history precursors that may complicate grief, recognize “red flags” in grief manifestations indicating the need for a referral to a professional counselor, and describe appropriate grief support interventions with follow-up strategies that a FCN may implement with those going through traumatic loss.

Meet Our Presenter

Joyce Christman, BSN, MA

Chaplain Joyce Christman had been a nurse for 25 years when, in 1999, she felt God calling her into healthcare chaplaincy. As a chaplain, she unexpectedly discovered a passion for companioning bereaved people through their grieving journeys. When asked how she could enjoy such “sad” work, she explained, “People are precious and their heartbreak is deeply touching. While we have a role in providing a safe, caring, non-judgmental presence with people in pain, God is the Healer; and it’s a very rewarding experience to see His healing transform these hearts and lives.”

Through the years, Joyce’s chaplaincy responsibilities have included developing Bereavement Care programs in three hospitals and a nursing home; facilitating support groups for perinatal loss, general loss, and divorce; providing bereavement support with grieving people individually; and offering training programs in bereavement support for churches, hospitals, and the community. She has recently retired from Adventist WholeHealth Network (Wyomissing, Pennsylvania) where she served as Spiritual and Bereavement Care Coordinator and continues to volunteer.

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