Past Events


Nurses Appreciation Sabbath

Join us as we launch our very first Nurses Appreciation Sabbath, our second Health Emphasis Sabbath of 2023. Nurses are ESSENTIAL health care professionals that keep us going. We want to recognize our nurses while discussing the importance of nursing in continuing God’s mission. The sermon by Barbara Harrison, entitled: Lift Him Up, ‘Tis He that Bids you” will provide encouragement for nurses promoting wholistic health in our churches and communities. Come and utilize the wonderful resources we have on this very important Sabbath.

05/06/2023 – 05/06/2023

Health Professional Sabbath

Syracuse, New York
Joan Payne MSN, BSN, RN, NP

The health ministry is the right arm of the gospel. All Health Care Professionals, of all religious faiths, are invited to this special service. This will include a  “Blessing of the Hands” and let all health professionals know they are appreciated as now days most work short-staffed.    They will also each receive a little gift Bag with different things inside the bag.  This service will be a great let others know the Seventh day Adventist church cares about others and is concerned about their whole health.


AAFCN Webinar

Adventist Association of Faith Community Nursing will present a webinar on: “Supporting traumatized individuals in church community-beyond the 3 pillars and into the 6 guiding principles” on April 25, 2023 from 7-8:30 p.m.ET via zoom. Our presenter will be: Ingrid Weiss Slikkers, Associate Professor in the School of Social Work at Andrews University and Executive Director of the International Center for Trauma Education & Care. Come and be informed.

04/02/2023 – 04/08/2023

Health Summit 2023: Power to Heal

Lexington, Kentucky
NAD Health Ministries

Join our in-person event to receive training, education, inspiration, and to network with fellow health ministry leaders.  Register now!


Mental Wellness Sabbath

Join us for our first Health Emphasis Sabbath of the new year 2023. We begin with Mental wellness. The sermon and other items will be based on a topic that many of us, unfortunately, are becoming more and more aware of-suicide. Come and utilize the wonderful resources we have on suicide prevention for this special emphasis Sabbath by world renowned speaker/director of It is Written: John Bradshaw. This need is necessary, Please join us.


Recovery Sabbath 2022

We are launching a NEW yearly Sabbath focus on addiction recovery.  As we understand the recovery process, we come to appreciate more beautifully the process of God’s work in our lives.

Title: The Church’s Ministry to an Addicted Nation

Scripture Reading: Romans 7:18-20

Sermon points:

  1. We are all addicted to something
  2. Definitions of Addiction
  3. Types of Addiction
  4. Addiction and Trauma
  5. The Healing of Addiction and Trauma


More details and resources to come!


11/11/2022 – 11/13/2022

Journey to Wholeness Facilitator Training

Berrien Springs, Michigan

As a Facilitator for the Journey to Wholeness (JTW) program, you will be empowered with the skills, understanding, and compassion needed to help individuals who are walking the path to freedom from addictions, hurts, habits, and hangups.  Whatever your current level of understanding about addictions, we welcome you to join this group.

Join us for our next live training, November 12-13, 2022.  This fulfills a portion of the 3-part training to become a JTW Facilitator.

A special strategic planning meeting will be held Friday, November 11 and is open to any of our previous graduates and partners of ARMin.

Registration coming soon.

Attendees must attend all sessions in order to receive the certificate. Please make your own lodging and transportation arrangements.


Nurses – Have You Heard about AAFCN


This event is scheduled to provide nurses in the Northeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventists with the opportunity to obtain information related to the Adventist Association of Faith Community Nursing.  Nurses will:

  • Meet with the President of AAFCN and team;
  • To learn how to become trained in the Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Course;
  • Find out how to become a member of AAFCN;
  • How to get American Nursing Credentialing Center credits when participating in  education
  • offerings by AAFCN;
  • Be provided with information related to networking and support will be discussed

This free event starts at 3:00pm to 4:30pm via Zoom.  You must register in advance in order to attend (see website link above).

This event is sponsored by the Northeastern Conference Health Ministry.



WEBINAR: Breaking Down Resistance to Change

While clients coming for coaching are coming because they want to change, there can be seen and unseen resistance that holds the client back. In this 2-hour workshop, we will explore why clients are resistant and why that is a GOOD THING, and how to use that to the client’s advance! We will be exploring this resistance mostly from a positive lifestyle goal-setting perspective but there are similar tools for healthy thinking and emotional coping skills as well we will talk about briefly.

Here you will: Find out how you can best motivate a client, and when attempting to motivate a client is not in their best interest and can have the opposite effect.

Time: 3 pm PT/ 4 pm MT/ 6 pm ET
Free to AAHWC members, $50 for non-members


09/24/2022 – 09/24/2022

Friends Collective – Free Eye Clinic

Beltsville, Maryland
Cheryl Sonceau

This event has been scheduled provide needed health care services to under insured or no insurance at all.  Living our faith by doing for others.

Sponsored by Friends Collective and Beltsville SDA Church