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Resources For Season 3, we want to not only emphasize exercise through our Made to Move Sabbath, but also the growing challenge of mental health. These two aspects of human experience are much more intertwined than it may seem. The sermon will speak to this intersection and demonstrate that physical movement and exercise are not only key to our physical health, but also our mental health. Sermon Title: Keep Moving Scripture Reading:  Proverbs 24:16 Use this sample announcement to invite your church to participate in the Virtual 5k [...]

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Do you have a dream? Or have you forgotten or pushed it out of your mind? Maybe it's time to dust it off and reach for it again. View More Like This


Day 8 – Finish Strong


Season 1 - Day 8 This is the opportunity to see how well your members improved with their physical ability. The changes may be small, but should still be considered a victory! Here’s an outline for today’s activities.  You may wish to have something celebratory to share with your group, such as balloons, a cheerful song to sing together, and of course a prayer of blessing. Go through the same Fitness Test that was done on Day 1.  These activities are also listed on this page. Use the tracking forms to record the “post” values.   Also be sure you [...]

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Day 7 – Refresh


Season 1 - Day 7 Rest for your body and soul is as vital as movement.  Use the resources here to invite your community to find refreshing for the next part of your journey. Come apart and rest awhile. Invite Invite others to join you for Made to Move Sabbath using the promotional material. Marketing Click to open in new window. Click to direct download to your computer. Presenter Sebastien Braxton Sebastien Braxton received [...]

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Day 6 – (re)Dream


Season 1 - Day 6 Follow the list below to complete the activities for the day.  You can download the worksheets in PDF format to share with your team members. Get Ready Warm up with 20 Jumping Jacks + 20 High kicks Get Set Watch the exercise videos to learn proper form for the activities on the fitness test.  Walk in place while the videos play. Download Activity Guide Beginner Intermediate [...]

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