Season 1 – Day 7

Rest for your body and soul is as vital as movement.  Use the resources here to invite your community to find refreshing for the next part of your journey.

Come apart and rest awhile.


Invite others to join you for Made to Move Sabbath using the promotional material.


Sebastien Braxton

Sebastien Braxton received the gospel while serving in the USMC.  Since then God has used him in a variety of ways to build up His kingdom.  Sebastien serves as a member of the Inverse Team, a young-adult sabbath school tv show on Hope Channel.  Sebastien has served as the general vice-president for GYC.  He is the former program director for CAMPUS and the founder of STRIDE, public campus ministry training programs in Michigan and Boston respectively.  Sebastien is a radical young preacher who has spoken to audiences in over 80 countries seeking to open God’s heart through the scriptures and the Adventist end-time message.  He currently serves as the CEO for Fiat Lux, an online christian mentorship program.  He is happily married to Candis with their four children, Naphtali, Zenon, Merari, and Ava.