Early 1980’s

  • Hal Gates, an attorney and an alcoholic, listened to God’s call, returned to the Seventh-day Adventist Church of his youth and began to serve as a pastor.  

January 1986

  • Hal Gates felt a call from God to start a ministry dedicated to people in need of recovery from addictions.  Within 24 hours the first Regeneration group was ready to meet, as the Seventh-day Adventists for the Extinction of Addictions (SDAXA).


  • Pat Mutch, then Director of the Institute of Alcoholism and Drug Dependencies, invited Hal to come to Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan to help her teach a class of graduate students at the Adventist Theological Seminary.  Two large boxes of materials which he brought with him were published as the Regeneration Manual.
  • Pastor Ray Nelson, passionate about the power of the recovery ministry, became the director of Adventist Recovery Ministries and was instrumental in expanding the ministry and building a strong network.
  • The General Conference Health Ministries Department took on the responsibility of publishing Regeneration materials.  They have taken the message of Christ-centered recovery from addictions, with Hal Gates, all over the world.

2002 – 2005

  • The NAD Health Ministries Department planned and financed awareness tours in 2002 (East Coast – Maine to Miami), 2004 (Midwest – New Orleans to Chicago), and 2005 (West Coast – Seattle to Southern California).  Since then, training seminars have also been offered at the NAD Health Summit.


  • The NAD Health Ministries Department receives funding from Vervent – the NAD Church Resource Center to develop the Journey to Wholeness materials to be used by support groups.  These materials are produced and published by AdventSource.


  • Adventist Regeneration Ministries assisted with the planning and presentation of a four-day Addictions Ministry Conference held at Andrews University.

May 2008

  • The Association of Adventist Parents and Adventist Regeneration Ministries united due to their shared mission and purpose, which is to help people develop Christ-like characters in preparation for His soon return.
  • ARMin became active in helping to organize Annual Celebrations of Family Recovery (programs originally started by the Association of Adventist Parents) weekends that are held in three locations in the United States

2017 – Present