As a Facilitator for the Journey to Wholeness (JTW) program, you will be empowered with the skills, understanding, and compassion needed to help individuals who are walking the path to freedom from addictions.  Whatever your current level of understanding about addictions, we welcome you to join this group by taking both the online and in-person trainings.

We are also developing a Facilitator Network in order to provide peer support for those who are actively engaged as JTW Facilitators, or who are preparing to start a JTW Recovery Group.  This network could very well be the key to the success of your ministry.

Who should become a Facilitator?

The JTW program assists individuals break free from addictive thoughts, behaviors, and habits, including harmful substance abuse.  Anyone who wishes to help someone in the recovery process should attend the training.  This includes anyone who…

  • has struggled with an addition and has experienced victory
  • has a family member or friend who has struggled with an addiction
  • has a background in addiction recovery, such as a recovery coach, counselor, or therapist
  • is a church pastor or member who has compassion for those who struggle with addictions
  • is a youth ministry leader or team member who wants to help young people avoid the trap of addictions or heal from addictions

Remember that addictions include harmful thoughts and habits!  It’s not only about substances like alcohol or illicit drugs.

Topics Include

  • Biblical and Spiritual Concepts of Recovery and Healing
  • Understanding Addiction and Preventive Interventions
  • Adventist Recovery Ministries and the 12-steps as a tool for Wholeness
  • Journey to Wholeness Effective Use
  • Simulated meetings for catching the flavor of people sharing their experience, strength and hope
  • Practical experience of a 12-step group
  • Distribution of training resources/instructional materials

Get Trained

To become trained as a Journey to Wholeness Facilitator, you will need to complete all three of the following.

Our next live training will be during the virtual Mental Health Summit.  Click the button below to learn more.