On the road to recovery, everyone needs a support system.  These people are the Pillars along the highway of life.

As a JTW Facilitator, you serve as an important foundation of stability in other people’s lives.  But we all need to be refreshed and energized for service.  Join us for these webinars aimed to provide on-going support and education for YOU – the Pillars of our community.

Next Meeting

Date:  Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Time:  4:00 pm Eastern

Presenter:  Dr. Duane McBride, Director, Institute for the Prevention of Addictions

Topic: Building Resilience in At-Risk Youth

What builds resilience among at risk youth? Resilience is defined as the ability to overcome a difficult environment and thrive amidst surrounding chaos. Decades of research demonstrate that all of our youth are at risk for substance abuse and other behavioral addictions. There are a number of specific things we can do as a faith community that build resilience in our youth and aid recovery for those that have gotten involved in substance abuse.

These meetings are open to those who have completed the Journey to Wholeness Facilitator training.

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